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As the mom of a daughter with autism, Julie Hornok knows the mental and physical exhaustion and the isolation that comes along with raising a child with autism. Once her daughter began to progress well, Julie decided to pour her newly freed energy into moms walking the same journey. Through a local Dallas autism charity, Julie spearheaded free Autism Moms Events for the past eight years. These events brought moms out of their isolation to be pampered with a free evening out and allowed them to meet other moms that became their lifelines. The hope these events brought to all that attended inspired Julie to do more.

Julie wrote the book, United in Autism: Finding Strength Inside the Spectrumto encourage moms around the globe by letting them know they are not alone. This book opened the door to start United in Autism and bring free United in Autism Moms Events across the country. United in Autism joins together with local autism charities to plan and implement events in their cities with the goal of connecting and pampering moms that would otherwise live in isolation.

As she interviewed families all over the world, Julie was overwhelmed with the desperate need for education and support in East Africa. Leah Tesfa (Founder of REACh Families) joined the United in Autism board to spearhead our efforts to bring real help to these families.

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